No way you hit 300 yards without this power delivery zone! If you are hitting 250 yards with what you feel is a lot of power, and your buddies are hitting past you and you know they have no business doing that, this video is for you! By changing the zone of delivery of power, you can easily gain 30 yards and in many cases, over 50 yards!

SPECIAL THANKS TO CHRIS COTE AND HIS STAFF AT CHRIS COTE’S PERFORMANCE CENTRE IN PORTLAND CT; YOU GUYS ROCK!! They absolutely get it, and I was able to see and feel what genuine friendliness is in the retail and service sector and was truly inspired by the experience; I will be a better human to my students because of this! Keep showing the world how it’s done, Chris!

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00:00 Shawn Clement introduces the golf lesson
01:25 Where peak speed is in the golf swing
03:00 Find the healthiest grip club relationship for optimal performance in the golf swing
05:35 Determining your flight plan with your golf shot
09:41 Sav demonstrates peak speed in her release during her sets at PLDA
12:07 Mu demonstrates the peak speed of his release golf swing with the driver
14:30 Shawn concludes the golf lesson

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