In this tip I am talking about the golf swing transition and trying to get you to change the way you think so you can develop an powerful, effortless pain-free golf swing.

Over the years, I have asked countless students what they are thinking about in their golf swing transition. To date, few people have ever said they are using their lower body to hit the ball. Most all are telling me they are just trying to hit the ball or hit down on the ball. This means most golfers need to immediately change the way you think.

Once you are at least thinking of using your lower body to hit the ball you even have a chance of doing it as opposed to just hitting with your arms.

There are many different ways you can use your lower body in the golf swing transition. In this tip I give you the easiest, most popular way to at least get you started. Give this a try and change the way you think of hitting a golf ball into the future. Once you do, you will hit the ball longer and straighter than ever.

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