This is SIMPLE SIMPLE SIMPLE – You have to try this backswing drill, this des improve every single golf swing for a fact.

This backswing is so much easier when you follow these 3 simple steps. I see the same common mistakes with the backswing in golfers. This video will get rid of these errors and help you to follow steps. Gain control on the club face, this is huge! And getting enough of a turn to help gain power in your golf swing.

This video contains a warm up, a drill and a solution to take this out on the golf course.

The backswing is a key part of the golf swing, this drill will make it so much easier to get right! This video is backswing tips! A lot of golfers search on youtube backswing tips for golf, backswing tips golf, backswing tips, backswing drills golf, backswing and downswing in golf, club face, club face control, club face drills, golf, golf swing, golf swing basics, golf tips, golf swing tips, golf lesson, simple golf swing, golf instruction, how to swing a golf club, golf swing for beginners, golf tips for beginners, beginner golf tips, golf slice fix, how to strike your irons ,downswing golf.

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